Trigger Points and Muscle Chains in Osteopathy

AppleMarkPhilipp Richter / Eric Hebgen

Different patients with the same lesion pattern that you encounter over and over? Fact or imagination? And which concept offers the correct solution here? 

In this book, you will get to know the different concepts of muscle chains. After analyzing the development of static dysfunctions, their evaluation follows:  Which role do the individual concepts play in daily clinical practice in osteopathy and manual therapy? You will find the answer here. Frequently, the muscles are overlooked as the cause of pain. In cases with pain in the locomotor system, though, muscles and existing trigger points are often involved.

Anatomical charts combined with numerous photographs facilitate the exact localization of trigger points and their associated pain area. A handbook for trigger point therapy and muscle chains - perfect as a quick reference work in your daily practice.



International Editions:

Finnish edition, first edition 2007

English edition, first edition 2008

French edition, first edition 2008

Korean edition, first edition 2009

Japanese edition, first edition 2009

Spanish edition, first edition 2010

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"A very successful text, an excellent combination of background information and clinically relevant subjects that will delight not just readers with an interest in osteopathy."

(physiopraxis, May 2007)